Twighlight Hotel’s Mahogany Veneer [new mp3]

by oz on March 11, 2011

Have you ever tried listening to an album, but you somehow get obsessed with one song? I’ve been making attempts to listen to Twilight Hotel’s When The Wolves Go Blind but I can’t get beyond “Mahogany Veneer.”

You see, my day job has had me skipping about the country about 70% of the time over the past several weeks and “Mahogany Veneer” is a quintessential road trip song. It’s steeped in nostalgia as it bounces around from NYC to Memphis to New Orleans, to Canada and back to the States. The story balances dark observations from the towns visited with tragic reports from friends and acquaintances elsewhere.

“Mahogany Veneer” has been a complete obsession for me over the past two weeks and I’ve listened to little else.  Austin by way of Canada band Twilight Hotel released When The Wolves Go Blind independently in January. Here is a lyrical excerpt from the song:

When we got to New Orleans
We found a city on its knees
Homes hung with shadows
And streets lined with weeds

We went down to the Old Quarter
Not a soul was there
The mighty Mississippi
As silent as a prayer

Driving across Saskatchewan
The road straight as a knife
We learned that Terry Berg
Had taken his own life

Did his hand betray his conscious
Was he lost or was he found
We hauled sixteen hours back
Just to put him in the ground

On the night that we left Nashville
Johnnys house was burning down
Crossed into Kentucky
In the dark without a sound

Radio was static
Moon was out of sight
I watched you sleep beside me
Turned off the dashboard light

Twilight Hotel – Mahogany Veneer

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