The Fling – When the Madhouses Appear [Album Review]

by Woody on November 30, 2010

Like any other pseudo-obsessive music fan, I have a tendency to check out the opening acts of upcoming concerts in the hope of discovering something truly phenomenal. The payoff comes once in a while when I click that play button on a bands MySpace page and beautiful waves of music stream from my computer speakers. I have to admit the experience is not as common as Id like, but there have been a few occasions, like when the Bowerbirds opened for Bon Iver at the Bowery Ballroom in July 2008, when the opening act does more than hold its own. I was particularly happy to discover that both the opening bands, Darker My Love and The Fling, at last weeks Delta Spirit show at Webster Hall totally rock. Woodys just covered Darker My Love here. This post is an ode to The Fling.

The Fling is Dustin and Graham Lovelis, Justin Roeland and Justin Ivey, four young lads from Long Beach, CA. Since 2008 theyve put out an EP, Ghost Dance, a 7″, Out of My Head, and in 2010 released their first full-length album, When the Madhouses Appear. Dustin, the lead singer and songwriter, has the unique capacity to compose songs that reflect a variety of styles, conjuring up influences as diverse as Pink Floyd and The Beatles. The band strikes a sonic balance with rich vocal harmonies, intricate chord structures and pure energy. Madhouses is also that ever so rare album that remains consistently good from start to finish. This is even more striking given the various niche genres/influences apparent on the disc. Wanderingfoot, Stranger, Devils Man and No Sleep are highlights for me. When the Madhouses Appear has quickly risen into my top-ten for 2010, and well see where it settles.

So, how did The Fling fare as an opener for Delta Spirits rollicking show last week at Webster Hall? Riveting is one word that comes to mind. The few of us who showed up at 8pm to hear their short 30 minute set were treated to a full-throttled experience, sure to be a preview of more to come.

The Fling – Wanderingfoot

The Fling – Devil’s Man (live at Webster Hall)

The Fling – Wanderingfoot

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Sir Indie December 1, 2010 at 7:54 am

The Fling – “Wanderingfoot”

Interesting song…I think I would jam to it every now and again. Not sure if it would make it to my iPod just yet..

Er December 1, 2010 at 9:24 am

Really sounds like art-rock of 70.

Halle Ford December 3, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Nice harmonies :>

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