Darker My Love – Alive As You Are [Album Review]

by Woody on November 26, 2010

Alive As You Are is Darker My Love’s third disc. Fronted by Tim Presley, the band apparently changed their sound dramatically after Presley’s father’s death. Their first two albums were described as being born in the shoegaze territory. And while shoegaze is territory that I don’t care to delve into very much, Alive As You Are falls right into my comfort zone.

Its easy to hear the late sixties influences throughout the album. The influence of early Dead such as Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty are apparent throughout. “Even in my punk days, I would still listen to Workingmans Dead,” Presley says. “It was like a weird guilty pleasure.” Listen, we all have our guilty pleasures. Mine is The OC. That got me nowhere except for emotionally vested in Ryan Atwood’s life. Presley’s guilty pleasure yielded a damn good album.

The album starts off pleasantly enough with a number of catchy tunes, but it really begins to take off on the back end of the record. “Trail The Line” is a great tune in the vein of The Mother Hips. They even nail that slow California soul opening before launching into a wickedly catchy hook. “June Bloom,” the track that immediately follows, really hammers home that Hips sound and is fantastically catchy mid-tempo ballad.

So while I might not be able to give you any fantastic comparisons between their first two efforts and Alive As You Are, I can safely say that if you dig the sounds of the late 60’s and HearYa faves The Mother Hips , then you’ll dig this album. They’re currently on tour with Delta Spirit which should make for quite a nice night of music.

Darker My Love – Split Minute

Darker My Love – Dear Author

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Er November 29, 2010 at 3:46 am

Good job!

mary bantly December 1, 2010 at 7:57 am

ummm, YOU can’t think of one woman singer or band in your top albums? i don’t even see a review of a woman singer?

What about LAND OF TALK? Laura Marling?

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