The Roadside Graves – You Won’t Be Happy With Me [Album Review]

by Woody on September 20, 2010

New Jersey’s The Roadside Graves released their You Won’t Be Happy With Me EP earlier this year and, once again, they delivered the goods. Recorded at Jeremy Benson’s grandfather’s summer home in The Adirondacks, the band continues to show growth on each release. While they’ll never be confused with The Low Anthem or Horse Feathers in terms of creating space, these tunes seem a little less frantic than their previous works. What immediately drew me to The Roadside Graves was their ability to translate their live energy into studio recordings, but now I’m also appreciating their restraint.

On You Won’t Be Happy With Me, the band wrote the songs as a body of work. John Gleason, one of the most recognizable voices around, leads the band through a wonderful 6 song appetizer that really has me jonesing for a full LP. The first two tunes, “Demons” and “Liv Tyler,” are amongst some of the better pieces of work they have done. Both have choruses that lend to fiery sing-a-longs: “We all have demons/ Rise up when we fall” and “If we didn’t have to worry about money/ We’d be alright.” These guys continue to epitomize all that is good about music and, more specifically, the alt-country genre.

The Roadside Graves – Liv Tyler

The Roadside Graves – Demons (from the AD Session)

Hear more in our Live Session with The Roadside Graves.

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Sir Indie September 21, 2010 at 7:17 am

“Liv Tyler”

This is a nice mellow song…enjoyable. Sounds like a song that belongs in a soundtrack of one of her movies. =)


DRoberts September 21, 2010 at 9:54 am

This EP has been played over and over. Everything on it is incredible. John Gleeson did say he will not put out another EP because people tend to avoid them. He said next time he will just add a couple more songs and make it a proper album. Could not recommend this band and album more.

Hootenholler September 21, 2010 at 3:00 pm

The EP is great, Liv Tyler especially, although I don’t think Sir Indie can have listened to the whole track.

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