Dylan Leblanc – Pauper’s Field [Album Review]

by oz on August 19, 2010

Dylan Leblanc was emersed in music since age 11. His father was a Muscle Shoals session player and songwriter and Dylans musical schooling came by hanging out around the studio.

It seemed like a much simpler world , it was romantic to me the way everyone sat in a circle and took it from the top, they just played and hit the record button. Thats the path I followed when I made this album.

This Lousiana native is set to release a stunning debut, Paupers Field, next Tuesday (August 24th).  Dylan claims that eccentricity and untimely deaths plague the men in his family lineage and this foreshadow looms in his music. Paupers Field is dark, but not quite brooding. His songwriting contemplates life, death, love, and the more subtle details of daily existence.  Hes blessed with a voice thats a hybrid of Jim James and Ryan Adams and it shines on country western ballads like “If The Creek Dont Rise,” “Death Of Outlaw Billy John,” and “Emma Hartley.”

Ive listened to the album for a couple weeks without knowing Dylans bio and was shocked to learn that he was born in 1990. After realizing that hes not of drinking age, I revisited my favorite track, “If The Creek Dont Rise,” and was even more amazed. Were these songs really written by a kid at age eighteen or nineteen? The album was also self-produced and recorded live, which makes his vocals and the musicianship even more astounding.

Leblanc has a knack for songwriting and musical atmosphere and Id recommend Paupers Field to any Ryan Adams fan. I dont want to use the word prodigy, but its clear that Dylan Leblanc was born to do this. If my recommendation isn’t enough, listen to Alela Diane and her cover of  “If The Creek Don’t Rise.”

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Dylan Leblanc – If Time Was For Wasting

Video: Dylan Leblanc – If Time Was For Wasting

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Woody August 19, 2010 at 7:21 am

I caught him at Emo’s at SXSW. I had gotten there a bit early to catch Warpaint and The Morning Benders. My initial thought when I walked in was another singer/songwriter that was going to be a bit of a pussy. But as I actually sat there and listened to his lyrics and musicianship, I was pretty floored. My buddy walked into towards the end of his set and the first thing I said to him was, “Say hello to the new Ryan Adams.” He’s that good.

Vanessa August 20, 2010 at 6:19 pm

hellllooooooo woody and oz!
good call in hearing jim james…interestingly i caught AABondy last friday and his opener had some jim james in him and i even remarked it to my cohort. if i figure out his name, i’ll pass on. you guys might be interested in him. ha-he struck me as a stockbroker or lawyer who said fuck it, i’m following my heart which is filled w music.
am seeing a ridiculous amount of music here in austin. seeing the wooden birds and dan mangan (GOOD) tonight.
thanks for always passing on great music…and giving great honest (and hysterical) reviews.

BondiBen August 20, 2010 at 11:02 pm

Can’t wait to purchase a copy. love this guys style! Will have to get to SXSW one year it just sounds so epic! Thanks for posting )

chuck young/kay jepson October 9, 2010 at 5:59 am

Just picked the album up this past tuesday and it’s hard not to be playing it–it’s really that good.

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