Sleepy Sun – Fever [Album Review]

by Woody on June 28, 2010

sleepy sun

Sleepy Sun doesn’t know the meaning of the word short-cut. Fever is an album brimming with subtle nuances and big risks by a band that decided to shoot for the moon instead of settling for a mediocre record of the same old shit.

The album opens with a six and a half minute opus called “Marina” that dips into heavy psych rock and breezy folk that finds vocalist Rachel Williams singing like an angel. Then Bret Constantino and Williams magically intertwine their vocals in a delicate acoustic number, “Rigamaroo” that sounds like it could have been cut in a living room. It’s comfy and confident.

Other highlights include the bluesy harmonica jam that springs out of nowhere on “Desert God,” the texture in the background of the folksy “Ooh Boy,” and the nearly 10 minute closer, “Sandstorm Woman.”

I love Sleepy Sun’s ambition. More importantly, I love how they executed their ideas.‚  A lesser band may have spit out a clusterfuck of noise, but Sleepy Sun hits all the right notes to make Fever a gem.

Sleepy Sun – Open Eyes

Video: Sleepy Sun – Open Eyes

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