John Butler Trio, Live Session #68

by oz on April 6, 2010

john butler trio

If you’re from Australia, you know John Butler and his trio, now consisting of Byron Luiters on bass and Nicky Bomba on percussion. If you’re in the States, you may have heard of JBT, but not followed by words like “gold” or “platinum.”‚  In their native Australia, past albums have achieved those statuses along with a dedicated following of fans.

You’ll probably hear JBT compared with a couple bands they’ve toured with, such as The Dave Matthews Band and G. Love and Special Sauce. If we’re cross pollinating fans, I’d also toss Dispatch and State Radio into the ring. What sets JBT apart, however, is the nasty guitar work. Butler is an insane guitarist with the signature fingernails to prove it. He’s also charitable, offering fans tutorials on how to play his music (see MySpace).

Their fresh album, April Uprising, was released today via ATO Records and it’s bound to find the band more fans in the US. The songs are catchy enough to appeal to mainstream fans, eclectic and technical enough for the jam band fans, and political enough for the socialists and environmentalists.

John Butler Trio are touring overseas now, but are heading back to the States in May, including stops at the Wakarusa and Bonnaroo festivals.

Exclusive: John Butler Trio – Daniella

Exclusive: John Butler Trio – Don’t Want To See Your Face (video)

Exclusive: John Butler Trio – Better Than

Exclusive: John Butler Trio – One Way Road (video)

Exclusive: John Butler Trio – Used To Get High

Download the John Butler Trio as a zip file.

Video: John Butler Trio – One Way Road

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GerryHectic April 6, 2010 at 8:50 am

One man’s ‘overseas’ is another man’s homeland – I’d not heard of them either before I got the album; review here John Butler Trio – April Uprising – I hear ya!

MikeyNyhc April 7, 2010 at 7:52 am

Been a fan of JBT for awhile now, didn’t expect to see them on Hearya, what a nice surprise, awesome session guys!

Woody April 8, 2010 at 9:29 am

i really like their neckwear. nothing like a nice scarf to brighten up a cold day.

Peter M May 27, 2010 at 5:18 am

The talented JBT have returned with a new line up. Byron Luiters on bass delivers his funky light hearted bass riffs and gels well with Nicky Bomba’s (what a name…wow, who happens to be JB’s brother in-law) snappy drum beats. Both are great on BU vocals and its obvious that JB loves jamming with these guys. Great vocals, songs and JB is as always amazing on guitar. Congratulation guys well done. Can’t wait to see you live.

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