Deadstring Brothers – Sao Paulo [Album Review]

by Woody on April 1, 2010

sao paulo

Kurt Marschke and crew continue their homage to early 70’s Stones with another 10-song set of honky-tonk blues. And while they may not be reinventing the wheel, they do it with near perfection. every time I have seen them live – they have simply crushed it.

The band has undergone a slight change in the lineup. Gone is rocket-fueled vocals of Masha Marjieh, so Marschke handles all the lead vocals with the female vocals coming in the background on Sao Paulo. While Masha may be gone, English slide and steel guitarist Spencer Cullom is still on hand and is an absolute pleasure to listen to, especially in the live setting.

Sao Paolo is certainly a guitar based homage to classic rock. And with that in mind, the quintet deliver their fare share of rockers in “Houston” and “The River Song.” When the boys slow it down, “Adalee” will certainly grab your attention with its gospel-blues choruses. “Always A Friend of Mine” is a great finishing track with Spencer’s steel is front and center.

It is odd to me that while bands like Free Energy get all sorts of plaudits for their throwback style, Deadstring Brothers continue to fly under the radar. Nothing against Free Energy but they don’t match up to Deadstring and there is certainly a distinct lack of Spencer Cullom in their band. Help me right the wrong and download Sao Paulo.

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Deadstring Brothers – Sao Paulo

Deadstring Brothers – The River Song

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kyle April 1, 2010 at 9:22 am

i’m glad you brought this up, i really wanted to purchase the album, and forgot totally about it. I absolutely loved their album Silver Mountain. Will definitely check this one out.

Buzzman3535 April 1, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Thats some good stuff.

I downloaded a few of their songs way back and forgot about them. Sounds like they need another chance on the ole ipod.

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