Wolf People – Tidings [Album Review]

by Woody on February 19, 2010

Jagjaguwar’s fresh signing is also its first from the UK. Upon first listen it is apparent that Wolf People are not trying to hide from their heritage. Compiled from collection of recordings by lead singer Jack Sharp circa 2005-07, the band is a meaty stew of the music that I grew up on. You’ll hear Tull, Cream (especially in the vocals), early Fleetwood Mac, and more.

The lead single, “October Fires,” mines those influences and mixes in a little garage rock and harmonica. The album definitely has a fragmented feel to it. Hell, there are even two tracks with “fragment” in the name. But let me tell you, the proper tunes are all phenomenal. “Cotton Strands” sounds like something off of Jethro Tull’s Benefit complete with flute threaded throughout the tune. There is even a bit of crackling on the MP3 to give you a taste of that old school vinyl. Stick me on a beanbag with a Busch Light and that will give you a fairly accurate picture of me in high school.

Live reviews of this band are glowing and the band states that Tidings is look back their prehistory. I look forward to what they’ll do in the future.

Wolf People – October Fires

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