Glossary – Feral Fire [Album Review]

by That Guy on February 3, 2010

Glossary Uncle Dave by akneiser.

The other night I was having a couple beers with my friend SafariMan, and we got to talking about how excited we were for SXSW this year. We probably spent an hour reminiscing about last year and all of the great acts we saw. At one point, SafariMan asked me, “Who was that awesome band we saw at Habana Calle?” I told him it was Glossary, to which he responded, “That’s right! I’d never heard of them, but they were great!” Ahhhh, SXSW.

Well, I’ve got good news for SafariMan and any other fans of Glossary – they’ve got a nice new album out, released yesterday via Lucero’s new Liberty and Lament record label (Glossary’s Todd Beene also plays in Lucero). We wrote a weird review of their last album, The Better Angels of our Nature, back in 2008. That album ended up being #40 on our best of 2008 list and their latest, Feral Fire, is just about on par. In fact, there are some shining moments on the album that may even be better. I’m not sure yet if it’s as good from top to bottom – time will tell.

Feral Fire continues the recipe developed on Better Angels but with a couple slower numbers mixed in. The driving guitars, harmonizing vocals, bountiful pedal steel, and southern-fried rock feel that drew me to them initially are still there in a big way. They come out of the gate strong with the standout track “Lonely Is a Town”. In fact, the first three songs rocked me right out of my Sauconys (they gave us free shoes once). And lyrically, it’s a great album. I think my favorite track is “Save Your Money for the Weekend,” a song about wooing a good girl:

All my daddy left me was a name and a mouth full of bad teeth
Oh honey I’ll be fine, if you meet me out on Friday night
‘Cause I know Christian girls know what’s wrong
But that doesn’t mean they always have to do what’s right

Glossary is touring with Lucero through the south right now. Catch them live.

We don’t have any approved mp3’s from Feral Fire to post at this time, but the guys have been plenty generous in the past. You can head over to their site to download Better Angels Of Our Nature and Joey Kneiser’s solo album for FREE.

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safariman February 4, 2010 at 4:01 pm

my favorite part about this is that he’s doing a baseball through…remember when, at sxsw, we all threw our arms out at the speed pitch…ahhhh sxsw.

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