Elliott Brood, Live Session #61

by Woody on December 8, 2009

elliott brood

I have Hurricane Rick to thank for meeting Elliott Brood in studio. For the first time in a couple of years, the Mrs. and I found a cast of thousands (babysitters, ex-nanny, mother-in-law, etc. etc.) to cover for us for a getaway to Cabo. The storm emerged and delayed us for one day, which was all I needed to catch this session at good ole Shirk Music + Sound.

We were huge fans of Brood’s ’08 release Mountain Meadows and Shirk had done some work with the band prior to this, so it was great to connect as they passed through Chicago and the U.S. of A. And to add to the experience, I was able to bring my 3 year old Hank downtown for his first live session.

Hank was a natural and took a real shine to Brood. He sat on my lap and kept asking if this was rock and roll. The answer to that is an affirmative “yes.” Brood rocked us silly for 45 minutes and could not have been any cooler. At the end of the session, they bestowed upon Hank a bounty of buttons and pins.

They played Schubas that night with another HearYa favorite called The Wooden Sky and according to all eyewitnesses, crushed it. Enjoy the tracks and videos.

Exclusive: Elliott Brood – Garden River

Exclusive: Elliott Brood – Chuckwagon

Exclusive: Elliott Brood – T-Bill

Exclusive: Elliott Brood – Edge Of Town

Exclusive: Elliott Brood – Riding In Time

Video: Elliott Brood – Edge of Town

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marco December 8, 2009 at 8:56 pm

FYI the link to the zip package doesn’t work…

oz December 9, 2009 at 5:35 am

Thanks marco. I just fixed that.

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