The Wilderness of Manitoba – Hymns of Love and Spirits [Album Review]

by Woody on October 27, 2009


First up was The Rural Alberta Advantage and now we’re on to The Wilderness of Manitoba. Next up is the Wacky Saskatchewan Disaster in our study of each Canadian province. Anyway, The Wilderness of Manitoba have delivered an EP of stripped down folk that relies on gorgeous three and four piece harmonies to grab your attention. Most of the tunes don’t move faster than a snail’s pace, allowing a slightly plucked banjo to lead the way. What it lacks in speed, it makes up for in substance.

One of the standout tunes is “Crow’s Feet,” a song that reminds me of something I would hear on an album by The Low Anthem. Melissa from the band described the song as such: “Crow’s Feet is about growing old and not ever really appreciating love until it’s too late.”

“Evening” is another great track‚  that was written by the mother of lead singer, Will Whitwham, in the 60s. And while I have never heard the original, this version comes off as a poignant tribute to his mom.

If you enjoy bands like Megafaun, Fleet Foxes, Frontier Ruckus and Horse Feathers, you’ll enjoy spinning this splendid EP.

The Wilderness Of Manitoba – Crows Feet

The Wilderness Of Manitoba – Evening

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