The Love Langugage and The Rural Alberta Advantage, Schubas 9/26/09 [Concert Review]

by Woody on October 1, 2009

the rural alberta advantage

Last Saturday night reinforced the reason that I enjoy catching new bands on the way up. In the last twelve months, both the The Love Language and The Rural Alberta Advantage have released phenomenal debuts that continue to gain momentum and it was a special night catching them on the same Schubas bill.

The Love Language got things started and they haven’t skipped a beat since their sets at SxSW and our live session. They fired out with the same passion that absolutely blew me away when I saw them in Austin. Working in some new tunes along with favorites Lalita, Manteo and Providence, the band turned a crowd that was mostly there for the RAA into immediate fans. I’m not sure what The Love Language has brewing for their next album, but it’s already at the top of my most anticipated albums of 2010. Each new tune that played was incredible.

Then the RAA hit the stage. When you think about the year this band has had, well, it’s sort of an indie music fairytale. From eMusic plucking them out as a featured artist, to opening for Grizzly Beat at SxSW, the threesome has combined their good fortune with an amazing DIY album into a new label, Saddle Creek, and a steadily growing legion of fans.

Working in an Abba tune and “Eye of The Tiger,” the band played an amazing set featuring most of the tunes of Hometowns. Countless times during the set, Nils seemed blown away that they were playing to a packed house at the best venue in Chicago. While many bands will utter the words “Thank You” during a set, I have never seen a band that seemed more sincere in their appreciation. They punctuated their set by stepping out from behind the mics and doing an amazing acoustic version of a tune called “Good Night.” It was out of this world.

On their debut album, the band seems to wrestle with their love and disdain of their home province and it’s a poignant perspective.‚  As they continue to grow and see the world, it will be interesting to hear their take on the new things they experience.

Truly a great night of music by two special bands that are most certainly going places.

HearYa Live Session #44 – The Rural Alberta Advantage

Exclusive: The Rural Alberta Advantage – Untitled New Song

Exclusive: The Rural Alberta Advantage – Rush Apart

Exclusive: The Rural Alberta Advantage – Luciana

Exclusive: The Rural Alberta Advantage – Edmonton

Download the entire session as a zip.

HearYa Live Session 45 – The Love Language

Exclusive: Love Language – Nocturne

Exclusive: Love Language – Providence

Exclusive: Love Language – Manteo

Exclusive: Love Language – Blue Angel (Unreleased)

Exclusive: Love Language – Graycourt

Download all the tracks as a zip file.

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Becoff October 1, 2009 at 9:06 am

I saw RAA when they played Pritzker for free, and that was amazing. But their set at Schubas was one of the best performances I have seen in a long time. Thank you, RAA, for that. You are right, they seemed genuinely grateful and blown away by their own popularity.

That Guy October 1, 2009 at 6:51 pm

Love Language was so stinking good. Played 3 new songs – all of which were incredible. I enjoyed RAA, but I prefer Love Language. Plus, Rural Alberta Advantage is nearly impossible to say after 5 beers.

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