The Henry Clay People drop a slew of new tracks, Live Session #56

by oz on September 29, 2009


The Henry Clay People are the embodiment of a live studio session. They are sincere, authentic and make no apologies for creating straightforward three-chord American rock music.‚  They hate wearing headphones in the studio, prefer to record like it’s a rehearsal (they plan to cut their next record like this) and are comfortable with slight imperfections as long as the vibe is right. We were serving up stiff bloody marys with over-sized celery sticks looming out of the cups like redwood trees on this Lollapalooza morn. The vibe was certainly right.

I’ve been a fan of this Orange County, CA band, led by brothers Joey and Andy Siara, since they released For Cheap Or For Free last year.‚  As I listened to the album, I thought their sound was like Stephen Malkmus fronting The Hold Steady. I got my first glimpse of them live at SxSW at the party we co-hosted then we caught their set at Lollapalooza this year as the rain started falling. They won over the day one Lolla crowd immediately with their energy and addictive party songs.

The following morning we all met up at Shirk’s studio, exchanged pleasantries and started nursing our collective hangovers with the aforementioned hair of the dog and vegetable adornments. The band set up in record time and started tearing through their new material much to our delight. The only old track performed was “Something In The Water” upon request by Shirk.

The Henry Clay People are another one of those bands that are impossible not to love. Secretly, all the HearYans wanted to take the after session party to a local bar and spend the rest of the afternoon tossing back shots and slapping high fives with the band, but like all artists passing through, The Henry Clay People had a full schedule and were busting their asses to make a name for themselves. Here’s to hoping they accomplish that mission.

The Henry Clay People Circus Band Intro

Exclusive: The Henry Clay People – End Of Empire (new track)

Exclusive: The Henry Clay People – The Switch Kids (new track)

Exclusive: The Henry Clay People – Keep Your Eyes Closed (new track)

Exclusive: The Henry Clay People – Randy, Where Is The Rest Of Me (new track)

Exclusive: The Henry Clay People – Something In The Water (old track)

Exclusive: The Henry Clay People – Running On Empty (Jackson Browne Cover)

Download The Henry Clay People Session as a zip.

See all the session videos at our YouTube channel.

Video: The Henry Clay People – Randy, Where Is The Rest Of Me?

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nikkos September 30, 2009 at 7:57 am

Cool! Love the approach to recording, and of course no session is complete without the appropriate libations. 🙂 Looking fwd to hearing these tracks! (Also, as a Kentucky native I’m surprised to learn a band named for one of the Bluegrass State’s most prominent statesmen is from CA…but I will try not to hold that against them 🙂 )

Woody September 30, 2009 at 12:34 pm

This was one of the best sessions we ever did. We had the whole gang there including Safari Man and my son Teddy. The house was full and Henry Clay People just rolled with the punches. Teddy even got to rock on Joey’s guitar for a bit. It was an absolute blast and I look forward to having them in again.

liza April 7, 2010 at 3:02 pm

there just the genuine article.

makes you remember what made you excited about rock and roll in the first place. makes you feel like a rowdy kid again.

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