Alberta Cross – Broken Side of Time [Album Review]

by Woody on September 17, 2009

alberta cross

Sweet Jesus, I feel like I have been waiting forever for this album. It was two years ago that we were introduced to Alberta Cross through their wonderful EP The Thief & The Heartbreaker. I heard it and was convinced that they were going to be the next big thing. Then they went missing. The band had some issues on the business end of things, regrouped and used the time to improve themselves.

After seeing them four times this year, my anticipation for Broken Side of Time has only grown. The previous EP was more classic Americana in the vein of Crazy Horse and My Morning Jacket’s At Dawn. With Alberta Cross’s new lineup, the quintet have altered their sound slightly a la MMJ with Z. They’ve grown into a heavy handed Alternative Rock band.

After a slow bluesy opener, Broken Side of Time explodes out of its skin with ATX and Taking Control. Kearney’s guitar work is phenomenal on these tunes and the album never lets up from there. Fueled by Petter’s vocals, the band drives forward for 45 minutes and‚ it’s over in a flash.

I’m not ready to anoint these guys the next MMJ, but the tools are certainly there. Individually, each member of Alberta Cross is supremely talented. And they tear it up live. In fact, as good as this album is (and it’s excellent), it’s still a far cry from their live performances which are absolutely scintillating.

Tracks from our live session with Alberta Cross:

Exclusive: Alberta Cross – Broken Side Of Time

Exclusive: Alberta Cross – Leave Us And Forgive Us

Exclusive: Alberta Cross – ATX

Exclusive: Alberta Cross – Taking Control

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