Port O’Brien releases another new track, My Will Is Good [new mp3]

by oz on August 11, 2009

Port O’Brien just premiered another new track (via Stereogum) called “My Will Is Good.” The album entitled Threadbare will be released on October 6th.

What strikes me about this album, in addition to Cambria Goodwin taking on more vocal duties, is the change in Van Pierszalowski’s vocals on most tracks. His delivery is less forced and more confident. More to come on the album later.

Port O’Brien – My Will Is Good

More about Threadbare:

As 2009 began, the band started to prepare songs for what was to become threadbare.‚  What started as a light-hearted and loose effort quickly turned into a dense, introspective work following the tragic loss of Cambria’s younger brother.‚  They started recording at their friend Jason Quever of Papercuts’ living room studio in San Francisco.‚  The songs were given a certain warmth and intimacy that couldn’t be achieved in a larger space.‚  The sense of comfort they found gave them the ability to fully realize the weight of the songs.‚  “In the Meantime” explores the desire for contentment in tumultuous times.‚  “High Without the Hope” bookends the album, illuminating the emotion and sense of loss that was felt throughout the recording process.

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George August 12, 2009 at 11:15 pm

Excited to hear it has more of Cambria. Love her voice so much. And the way she looks! Hahah

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