Reed KD – In Case The Comet Comes [Album Review]

by oz on August 4, 2009

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You might not have heard of Northern California resident, Reed KD, because he’s an unlikely blog darling. His music is not groundbreaking or experimental; that is to say that Animal Collective fans may find him boring. His lush harmonies are immediately palatable and his sound has been compared to the likes of Paul Simon and Elliott Smith.

In Case The Comet Comes opens with “This Is It,” a catchy as hell number that reminded me of early Shins. The foot-stomping, hand clapping “If The Tide Swings” follows and had my 15-month old daughter spinning in circles until she feel down from dizziness. She can only say a couple words and is new to this walking thing, but a song by an unknown indie songwriter can inspire her to spin in circles until she falls down. It’s that kind of raw, emotional and completely human response that keeps me blogging about music.

But I digress. Reed KD also conquers slower songs like the majestic “Lake Missouri” that might just remind you of Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses). The only spot the album falters is in “Hippie Chicks,” but it’s easily forgiven when the whimsical “Cactus Garden” picks you right back up.

If you are an indie music snob, this is one of those albums that borderlines on guilty pleasure. If you’re a fan of Josh Ritter and any of those aforementioned bands and you embrace simple pleasures of the audible variety, then Reed KD’s In Case The Comet Comes should be a welcome addition to your music catalog. After all, Reed plays guitar, slide, mandolin, banjo, piano, drums and water glasses, and his friends and family join in playing bass trombone, trashcans, bass, drums and fiddle. That’s a potpourri of good time if ever I’ve heard one.

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Reed KD – Winding Roads

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Video: Reed KD – If The Tide Swings

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