Frankel – Anonymity Is The New Fame [Album Review]

by oz on July 27, 2009


Michael Orendy is an LA musician that operates under the moniker of Frankel. Aquarium Drunkard compares Frankel’s sound to the likes of Hary Nilsson and Richard Swift, but I also hear quite a bit of Elliot Smith in the sound. Anonymity Is The New Fame is out now via Autumn Tone Records and their description is far better than my own:

Anonymity is a home studio record that reminds the world why it’s done and how all the crucial emotions of a lived life are most artfully framed within walls. Orendy’s private room, and his music, are bigger than any clichƒ© of the wounded and bedridden. Everything that crosses a human mind and heart come to life most vividly when alone, and Orendy is here to deliver it all: the quietly lovely parts and the forcefully grandiose parts; the hazy dreams and the cold-eyed realities; the gentle shuffles and the urgent poundings; the creamy voices and the solid guitars. A 1920’s piano, key to many of his songs, is an instrument best meant for intimate parlor, not the stage – or the Internet.

Frankel – Anonymity Is The New Fame

Frankel – Faux Science

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