Papercuts – You Can Have What You Want [Album Review]

by That Guy on July 22, 2009


Jason Quever of Papercuts is the indie music version of Kevin Bacon – he’s separated from every other indie artist by less than 6 degrees. The San Franciscan has worked with Port O’Brien, Skygreen Leopards, Vetiver’s Andy Cabic, and Alex Scally of Beach House. After releasing 2007’s Can’t Go Back, Papercuts is back with You Can Have What You Want. Another blog humorously said that this album is like 100 blog years old – I’m HearYa’s resident laggard.

Enough foreplay. You Can Have What You Want is excellent. The word that immediately comes to mind upon the first listen is “dreamy.” It’s got the lo-fi sound that I like so well and each song moves along patiently, yet beautifully. Quever’s tender voice drifts over organ and reverb-tinged guitars. It’s perfect for a Sunday morning cup o’ Joe or unwinding over dinner after a long day at work. Standout tracks are “Dictator’s Lament,” “Future Primitive,” “Once We Walked in Sunlight” and “The Machine Will Tell Us So.”

So, the biggest difference between Jason Quever and Kevin Bacon? Quever wasn’t in Footloose. You thought I was going to say “Quever has talent” didn’t you? Well that’s true too.

Papercuts – Future Primitive

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DBT Chicago July 22, 2009 at 9:06 pm

i like that guy. that’s all i got right now. the papercuts are great, but that guy makes them seem so awesome. i am going to revisit the pcs again based solely on that guy.

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