Scott H. Biram – Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever [Album Review]

by Woody on July 7, 2009

scott h biram

Scott H. Biram, Austin’s Dirty Old One-Man Band, is back with his blend of country, blues, punk, gospel and soul. Every type of music that I like is thrown in a blender by one crazy Texan and poured into a rocks glass neat. Just like a fine bourbon, Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever is meant for sipping, but occasionally it’s customary to fire a shot back to know you’re alive.

The album opens with an authentic message from Biram’s stay in the hospital after a run in with an 18 wheeler. That intro leads into the blues/punk gospel of “Time Flies.” Biram testifies to the fragility of life and how quickly it can be gone. A couple of tunes later, “Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue” is a tear in your beer country weeper with lyrics that would make Willie proud. It features John Wesley Myers from Black Diamond Heavies and serves as the perfect accent to Biram’s sound.

But it’s Biram’s fiery, almost maniacal rants that get me excited for each of his albums. “Judgement Day” shows up smack dab in the middle of the album and is a double shot, full of piss and vinegar. Biram takes a look at our society and the leaches bleeding us dry while he plays the guitar like it’s on fire.

I don’t know if Sonething’s Wrong/Lost Forever is Biram’s best effort. Time will tell if its worthy of that distinction. Out of all of his albums, however, this is the one that I connected with most and is probably the most accessible for newcomers to Scott H. Biram’s music.

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Scott H. Biram – Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue

Scott H. Biram – Judgement Day

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Aaron Robert Hall July 7, 2009 at 5:28 pm

I have been a fan of Biram’s for quite some time now. I wasn’t sure what his new album was going to bring after hearing rumors of him falling off, falling apart, and not being able to keep a show together. Thankfully they were only rumors because when I saw him at his CD release party at the continental down here in Austin, I could see he was in good form and on point. The man proceeded to rock the house down and many had lost their voice by the end of the evening. The next day when I got home, I popped that CD in and gave it a listen through and all I could do was grin and say “I don’t know how that bastard does it but he does it damn good”. This is a great album and a great effort by Scott and I agree with Woody that this album is the most accessible to newcomers for Scott’s music. Great review Woody!

oz July 7, 2009 at 8:14 pm

Agreed. Biram keeps it consistent from album to album, but he seems to be softening up some. His older stuff had more metal and punk and now he’s got some country tunes with mellower vocals. I’d honestly love to hear an acoustic set from Biram one day.

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