Why you must see Other Lives tomorrow night in Chicago [Chicago Show]

by oz on June 19, 2009

Good news for Chicago people! Other Lives are back in town for a show at Schubas tomorrow night (6/20). It’ll be a special night. The band stopped by Shirk’s studio in April for one of our most memorable live sessions to date. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, get in there. This band has a way of pulling emotions out of you that you may have forgotten you had.

Here’s what Steve Shirk (HearYa Live Session producer) says about why you should attend:

After our session in late April, I was expecting a great follow up show at Schubas. I wasn’t prepared for how huge Other Lives sounded in that room – They blew me away. Alex Pasco, their live mix engineer who is on tour with them, really brought their sound to a new level for me. ‚ The band sounded so powerful. ‚ I remember moments in “End Of The Year” nearly melting my face. ‚ That’s not to say that they don’t do the quiet thing REALLY well. ‚ This band understands dynamics in the studio and even more so on the stage.

We recorded three videos from the session and only posted “Precious Air” at first. I featured the video for “Paper Cities” on our home page (to your right) all week and now “It Was The Night” is the final installment.

Exclusive: Other Lives – It Was The Night

Video: Other Lives – It Was The Night (HearYa Live Session)

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Woody June 19, 2009 at 3:45 pm

I have seen Other Lives five times this year including this session and they have simply amazed me at every turn. They are hands down of the best live bands around today. You will thank us for seeing them in Schubas because they are bound for greatness!!!!

Todd June 23, 2009 at 7:40 am

After seeing them at SXSW and earlier this year open for EPID at Schubas, I was very, very excited to them again…but I was surprised and disappointed with the low turnout, esp. on a Saturday night. Nonetheless, my three friends and I had more space to soak up the transcendent tunes from this remarkable band. Their live performances are sublime. And their album is one of the best of the year thus far…

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