Lucero at Slims, San Francisco [Concert Pics]

by oz on May 18, 2009

Lucero at Slims

Lucero followed Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears at Slims on Saturday and put on a great performance. They played a few new songs (the first batch from their upcoming major label debut) and seem to be making their sound more accessible. You’ll hear more piano infused in the new stuff and, dare I say it, an upbeat attitude. They didn’t stray far enough off their whiskey-soaked, beaten path to turn off the loyal fans, however. I’m really looking forward to hearing the new album.

Lead Singer Ben Nichols also played some material off of his solo album, Last Pale Light In the West, including “Toadvine” and the title track, and then follwed with other slower Lucero numbers like “The War.” He kept apologizing for playing so many sad songs, but those are my favorites. They finished off the night by turning it up a notch – both with the music and the booze. They weren’t bashful about swilling whiskey straight from the bottle on this night.

I saw Magnolia Electric Co. and The Avett Brothers the previous night, which was a phenomenal show, but its hard to find two better bands on a Saturday night than Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears and Lucero.

Lucero bootleg tracks:

Lucero – I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight (Live at Ardent Studios)

Lucero – Nights Like These (Live at Ardent Studios)

Lucero – Nobody’s Darlings (Live at Ardent Studios)

Ben Nichols

Ben Nichols

Ben Nichols

Lucero Pedal Steel

Lucero drinking booze

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frances May 24, 2009 at 9:29 pm

these songs are awesome… but i just heard this wisconsin band recently that had a similar sound, but more blues… american restless… they definitely got somethin’ there.

Chris May 27, 2009 at 4:06 pm

Caught this show a few nights later up in Portland. The scourge of rock and roll is an all-ages club. Lucero sounded fantastic – maybe as good as they ever have – but without the rowdy drunks right up on stage it just lacked something. Short show, to boot. All wrapped up and done by 11:45. Even so, great set, great tunes, and a damn fine night. BJLandHBs were a nice surprise too. Lucero don’t normally tour with bad bands, so I was looking forward to it anyway, but they impressed.

Thanks for the pics. And Frances…American Restless may be good, but Lucero is tough to beat. I highly suggest you catch a show if they’re in your town or nearby. And they will be.

u2 concerts January 31, 2010 at 11:03 pm

Very cool pictures. I’ve never had the pleasure of listening to him live, but hope that I will be able to someday. Nobody’s Darlings is just plain awesome!

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