Royal Wood – The Lost and Found EP [Album Review]

by Woody on May 11, 2009


Ever since the Royal Tenenbaums, I’ve marveled over how cool it would be to have the first name of Royal.‚  It sounds so, um¦regal. There’s a new Royal that’s come to my attention recently and his bio reminds me of the Wes Anderson characters. This Royal, Royal Wood, is a former child prodigy that began playing piano at the age of four and is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist.‚  You’ll recall Richie “The Baumer” Tenenbaum was a tennis playing prodigy that experienced a nervous breakdown at center court of a tennis match.‚  I’m certainly not forecasting a similar fate for Royal Wood as he seems to have his shit together in a way that The Baumer could’ve only hoped.

Anyhow, for those of you that enjoy folk pop such as Sufjan Stevens, you should give this a try.‚  For those of you that don’t dig on Sufjan, you still may find this interesting if you were a fan of the new Other Lives album or Beck’s Sea Change.‚  The most notable aspect of this 6-song EP, of course, is the tremendous piano work although the vocals are similarly impressive with supple orchestral string arrangements as well.‚  The Canadian born and based Wood has released two EPs, including the most recent The Lost and Found, and two full length albums since 2002.‚  He is responsible for all of the ambitious arrangements and most, if not all of the instruments on these songs.

A close listen to the lyrics reveals songs seemingly describing current and former relationships.‚  Yes, sometimes the feel is one of melancholy, but with sunshiny melodies that largely emanate from Wood’s piano, they still left me feeling strangely upbeat.‚  This is certainly music for those quieter times in our ever stressful days.‚  Personally, I find it to be a refreshing change of pace from my typical rotation and hope that you might as well.‚  And now, if only we could find a musician named Raleigh St. Clair.

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Royal Wood – Don’t Fall Apart

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