Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Everything’s For Sale [Album Review]

by Woody on April 20, 2009

henry's funeral shoe

Alive Records venture outside the States to track down two piece brother duo, Henry’s Funeral Shoe (Aled and Brennig Clifford). Steeped in the Blues like almost every Alive act, the brothers set up shop like The Black Keys, White Stripes and Left Lane Cruiser with guitar/vocals and a manic drummer.

Whereas Alive brethren Left Lane Cruiser’s Freddy batters you over your head with his vocals (which I am I favor of), Aled mixes in fierce, guttural vocals with softer tones. “Don’t Lose The Rhythm” is a great tune where he blends both styles in one song and the opening tune “Henry’s Funeral Shoe” builds with a fury as Aled repeats “Don’t let your heart get heavy” before launching into a searing blues guitar lick while Brennig makes you question why the bass guitar was ever invented. His kick and floor tom do the work of two people.

It didn’t take me long to mix Everything’s For Sale into my rotation. This is a great debut from the Welsh duo and I hope that they follow the lead of other two-piece blues acts and start incorporating some fresh ideas in future efforts. There is an abundance of talent here.

Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Henry’s Funeral Shoe

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