Elliott BROOD – Mountain Meadows

by oz on November 24, 2008

Elliott BROOD is not a singer/songwriter. It’s a band. The band has no one with Elliott or Brood in their names. They play with banjos and ukuleles, but they aren’t country and don’t dare call them bluegrass. They are from Canada and they are rock and roll.

Mountain Meadows grabs your attention immediately with “Fingers and Tongues,” a song with grainy vocals that hum over electric guitars, rolling drum beats, and clashing cymbals. It builds into an anthem with a repeating chorus, “Where they take our bones”‚  before moving seamlessly into a mostly instrumental arrangement on “T-Bill” that showcases fine banjo playing and the band’s true musicianship.

While the back country jam session on “T-Bill” settles you in for the ride, it’s the highly addictive following track “Write It All Down For You,” that smacks you in the face. After each verse in the chorus you’ll hear “Hey, hey, hey” chants that make hand claps jealous.‚  They’re like jolts of electricity from a cattle prod being jabbed in your ass.

The rest of the album weaves in a few slower ballads like “Notes” and the stunning “31 Years” and another instrumental rocker in “Chuckwagon.” The album trails off in the sunset with upbeat track “Miss You Now;” the perfect ending to one of the best albums of 2008. Their unique harmony of gruff vocals and non-traditional use of classic country/bluegrass instrumentation create a sound that is distinctly Elliott BROOD.

Elliott BROOD – Write It All Down For You

Elliott BROOD – “Without Again”

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Woody November 24, 2008 at 12:41 pm

I find myself reaching for his alot more than Ambassador which I am taking as a sure sign that it is better. Garden River is probably my favorite track.

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