Elliott Brood and O’Death – The Empty Bottle, Chicago [Concert Review]

by Woody on November 17, 2008

(Casey Laforet of Elliott Brood)

Normally when I review a show, I try not to get smashed. I have a couple of beers, take some notes and try to put something together that makes sense. O’Death is far from a normal band and I was far from sober. I took a look at my notes the next day and I can’t make heads or tails of them. So away we go with a very incoherent and rambling review of an excellent show.

Let’s start with Elliott Brood. I enjoyed Ambassador from Elliott Brood and I had just got one listen from their most recent and excellent release Mountain Meadows before heading downtown. Shoddy notes aside, these guys were great. Tunes that I remember hearing were “Write It All Down For You,” “Garden River” and “Acer Negundo.” On the other hand, I could be completely wrong. Whatever the hell they played, it kicked ass and I plan on seeing them again in the near future.

(Jessie Newman of O'Death)

Elliott Brood were the perfect appetizer for O’Death – full of piss and vinegar, making the crowd thirsty for more foot-stomping music. As they finished up their set, I made my way to the bar to meet HearYa reader, DBT Chicago. Who did I find him there with? None other than Luke from Ha Ha Tonka. That’s when the night slowly melted away. DBT, Luke, my buddy Paul and I proceeded to knock down several Shiners, lubing us up for O’Death’s visit to the Bottle stage. It just so happens that pissed drunk is the perfect mindset to see the lunatics calling themselves O’Death.

Jesse Newman, the heavily tatted bassist, and Bob Pycior, the fiddle player, were bare-chested by song one. The sound and the performance are utter insanity. The build up during “Nathaniel” was excruciating as Greg Jamie plodded along through the opening verses and Pycior gently tweaked the fiddle as the crowd waited for them to explode. And explode they did. It was unreal.

They also fired up an amazing “Down To Rest” with help from the Elliott Brood boys. New tunes performed included “Low Tide,” “Fire On Peshtigo” and I am fairly certain “Vacant Moan.” The night was fantastic. Had a few too many beers, made some new friends and saw two excellent bands that I can’t recommend enough. As I mentioned in my review of Broken Limbs, Hymns and Skin, O’Death might not be for everybody but if you dig live music being played with reckless abandon, than check them out at least once. It’s an experience.

See more photos here.

Make sure to check out Shirk’s live session with Elliott Brood. Here’s two of those tracks:

Elliott Brood – Cadillac Dust (Schubas/Amplify Series Live Session)

Elliott Brood – Bowling Green (Schubas/ Amplify Series Live Session)

Elliott Brood – “Without Again” live in Austin, TX

This is not from the Bottle, but a live video will give a better taste for O’Death’s live show. It’s a little blurry, kind of like my vision was all night.

O’Death – Lowtide

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