The Black Keys releasing live DVD, Win an autographed album now!

by oz on November 13, 2008

My favorite band, The Black Keys, are gearing up to release a new live DVD on November 18th. It was produced and directed by Lance Bangs (R.E.M.’s Road Movie). The disc will include 17 live songs; original music videos for “Your Touch,” “Just Got To Be,” and “Strange Times;” and behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the band’s most recent album, Attack & Release. The live performance was recorded on April 4, 2008 at a sold-out show at The Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR.

Black Keys fans can purchase the DVD now at a special low price ($9.00).

Oh, and the giveaway! We ended up getting our grubby hands on two signed copies of The Black Keys’ latest album, Attack and Release. Email us at with “Keys Giveaway” in the subject line if you want one.


The Black Keys – I Got Mine (Live at the Crystal Ballroom)

The Black Keys – “I Got Mine” live video from the DVD


Here’s the set list from The Black Keys Live at the Crystal Ballroom DVD

1. Same Old Thing
2. Girl Is On My Mind
3. Set You Free
4. ThickFreakness
5. Stack Shot Billy
6. Busted
7. You’re The One
8. Remember When (Side B)
9. Your Touch
10. Oceans and Streams
11. Strange Times
12. Psychotic Girl
13. 10 am Automatic
14. No Trust
15. I Got Mine
16. All You Ever Wanted
17. Till I Get My Way

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DBT Chicago November 13, 2008 at 11:43 pm

a very good friend of mine who was born and raised in ohio first turned me on to the black keys about five years ago, when i first moved to chicago. being from georgia, with access to so much other music, i had not heard of the duo. after listening to one of their songs, i was addicted, a bad kind of dependence. this was a band i felt like i would have digged even if i grew up decades earlier. the keys deliver a sticky kind of blues rock that won’t let you go.
of course, i already own attack and release and i’ve been lucky enough to win other of hearya’s giveaways. don’t give it to me, but to someone who, perhaps, has never really absorbed this type of jigginess.
this is nothing more than an endorsement of the band and a thanks for continuing to spread the word.

oz November 14, 2008 at 10:00 am

I was onto them fairly early on after The Big Come Up. Saw them at what I think was their first show at the metro and it was pure magic. People were walking buying tix at the door and every stranger I spoke to was asking me who the band was. 90% of the crowd had just heard something about the band. The Keys destroyed the place. To this day I’ve still never seen anything like it. People I spoke with that had never heard of them were turning to me saying “Holy Shit.” Jaws dropped, eyes popped. Subsequent shows I’ve seen haven’t matched that night, but I’m sure the energy of their live shows is what has won them legions of fans. I could watch Patrick all night. The guys get into a zone and it’s like they are in another universe…we just get to watch them take flight.

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