Reader Run-On Review: Back Door Slam – Roll Away

by oz on October 15, 2008

Remember the Dead Confederate giveaway? In order to qualify, you had to submit a run-on sentence review of a song or album. Frequent commenter DBT-Chicago won the prize pack (we like audience participation), but we also got a phenomenal run-on sentence from Brian, a reader out in PA.

For those about to rock and ride the lightning comes a gift from atop the delta blues mountain climb aboard the Back Door Slam train the driver nitty gritty young and wreckless roars with promise for the future of music hailing like a the style of james marshall a storm of notes or the wet dreams by southern bluesmen dusted with a curious british accent.

We’ll have another giveaway this week for some Chicago Bluegrass and Blues tickets and run-on sentence reviews will be required to qualify. Submit now using the form for early qualification (we have lots of tickets, so chances are real good that you’ll get a pair).

Brian – If you’re interested in a road trip, I’ll save a pair of tix for you. Say the word…

Back Door Slam – Come Home

Do you have a song or album on repeat? Take 10 seconds to write a few words that pop in your head. No grammar or punctuation required.

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DBT Chicago October 16, 2008 at 11:06 am

oz my man thanks for the prize pack which could still in your living room or floating in a river somewhere around nebraska after falling out of a plane or perhaps it’s in the possession of some unsuspecting hockey mom in maine who thinks the dead confederate is a ghost from georgia and she’s freaked out either way the prize pack is not in chicago where i live and listen i do appreciate your generosity and thanks for what you do.

oz October 16, 2008 at 11:30 am

DBT – Damnit the PR reps for Dead Confederate said you should have received the package by now because it was mailed directly from them since I prefer not to handle any inventory in my already cluttered house but at least you got on the guestlist for the concert and tickets weren’t lost in the mail too I’ll give you two tickets to CBGB Festival to make up for the trouble.

DBT Chicago October 16, 2008 at 11:45 am

no worries. i enjoyed going to show, regardless. and i can just buy the album (to help out the hardy and the boys who i chatted with before the concert). thanks for the offer anyway. and of course i won’t turn down tix to a show.

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