Horse Feathers – House With No Home

by Woody on October 14, 2008

Sounding like the spawn of Iron & Wine and Great Lake Swimmers, there was little chance I would not become enamored with the three-piece outfit out of Portland that calls themselves Horse Feathers. I just killed two Chicago style hot dogs and they’re sitting in my belly like a cannonball, so I am now going to use that as inspiration in describing the sound of Horse Feathers.

Justin Ringle is the encased meat. He writes the tunes, sings lead and plays guitar. Without him, no Horse Feathers. Without encased meat, no hot dog. But I don’t like my hot dogs plain. I like them with everything, so allow me introduce you to “The Works.” He goes by the name of Peter Broderick and mixes in a variety of stringed instrumentation to give each of Ringle’s compositions texture and a distinctive feel. Broderick’s sister, Heather, chips in on the cello. We’ll call her onion rings since I just killed an order of those as well.

House With No Home has a melancholy, Americana feel that’s perfect for the the chilly fall nights that show us that Winter’s on the way. Ringle tends to mumble his way through a few tunes but on “Helen,” he gives a little extra oomph during the chorus and it turns out to be one of the highlights on the album. “Working Poor” is another winner as is the track below, “Curs In The Weeds.”

I hadn’t heard of these guys until I ordered my Blitzen Trapper tickets (November 9th at Schubas). A quick listen and they soon found there way on to my iPod. If you are catching Blitzen Trapper on the upcoming tour, get there early to catch this excellent supporting act.

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Horse Feathers – Curs In The Weeds

Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine

Great Lake Swimmers – I Am Part of a Large Family

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