Catfish Haven – Devastator

by Woody on October 7, 2008

Some time ago, I read this engrossing book called Bill Graham Presents, the story about the life and times of the legendary rock music promoter. At some point during the book, Bill talks of his love for Otis Redding saying he was his favorite act to ever play the Fillmore. I was somewhat familiar with Otis but wouldn’t call myself a fan by any sorts. On Bill’s recommendation I went out and bought Otis Blue & The Complete Dictionary of Soul and immediately was hooked. I don’t know if George Hunter of Catfish Haven read the same book, but I am almost positive that they spun Otis Blue once or twice and some of it spilled into their latest release, Devastator.

The disc fires out with “Are You Ready.” The intro and the song makes it sound like it was something off the old Dick Cavett show. It’s a two and a half minute soulful tune that had me twisting with my two year old daughter. I can’t say if she’s a fan yet but she sure thought Daddy was funny. A couple of tunes later is the single “Set In Stone” which hits you with a guitar lick that belongs on an old Fillmore Recording. “Invitation To Love” follows with more fiery riffs and Hunter’s gruff and soulful lyrics. The Chicago boys then change the pace with the slow bluesy number “Waiting In Memphis.”

Oddly enough I had neglected their Secretly Canadian debut, Tell Me, as I wasn’t overly enthralled with their previous EP. After hearing “Set In Stone,” I knew I had made a grievous error and downloaded Tell Me before a cross country driving trip to NY with the family. Combining Tell Me with Devastator on a long road trip was just like someone injecting Red Bull into my veins.

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Catfish Haven – Set In Stone

Catfish Haven – Devastator

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DBT Chicago October 7, 2008 at 12:27 pm

Sweet. Didn’t even know Catfish was releasing a new album. Will be picking it up soon. CH is the cat’s meow among bands visiting Chicago. Met the bassist at another show (and later at Rainbow Club) this summer (he was there to support some friends) and a few of the Dead Confederate guys talked up Catfish Haven on Saturday.
Thanks for the tip.

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