Dead Confederate – Wrecking Ball

by Woody on September 19, 2008

Athens, GA fivesome Dead Confederate have just followed up their excellent self-titled EP with a full-length debut, Wrecking Ball. While typically this brand of music isn’t my cup of tea, I can’t get enough of the album. It’s a heavy, dark and brooding brand of music that at times reminds me of grunge’s heyday and at other times hits me with hints of Radiohead. Alternating between tense spacey jams and guttural explosions, Wrecking Ball demands your attention.

Most bands of the the so-called “psych-rock” genre bore me after awhile. They’re typically loud and the novelty wears off after a couple of spins. But with each listen of Dead Confederate, you’ll find nuances that will require hitting the back button, repeating tracks to discover every layer of sound. Front man, Hardy Morris, is the obvious nucleus of the band. He has an emotional delivery and has been compared to Kurt Cobain. But on certain songs, especially the 12-minute track “Flesh Covered Canvas,” Morris takes a back seat as the rest of the band takes you on a long, haunting ride.

I’m really excited about the future of Dead Confederate. While Wrecking Ball is excellent, I think we’re just scratching the surface of what this very talented band has to offer. They have the musicianship and they have the front man. Their sound isn’t pigeonholed into one genre and if they continue to explore their sound, they will make a big name for themselves.

They’ll also be stopping by for a HearYa Live Session when they tour through Chicago for their October 4th show at Schubas.

Dead Confederate – The Rat

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oz September 19, 2008 at 8:28 am

The Rat deserves to be heard in an arena. I’ll be real surprised if Dead Confederate aren’t picked to open some shows for a big ticket headliner.

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