Radiohead’s No Camera Music Video

by Woody on August 25, 2008

While I firmly sit in the “Radiohead can do no wrong” category, their new video for House of Cards is absolutely stunning.‚  I’m sure most of us have seen the ad that seems to be plastered everywhere around the internet, including right here at HearYa.

Radiohead breaks ground once again by “filming” the entire video without cameras. Instead they use a series of real time 3D mapping lasers, gauging the distance from objects and thus creating a visual representation of the world.‚  They take it a step further by pouring water or placing mirrors in front of the lasers to distort and change the dimensions.

So if you’ve not seen it, check it out.‚  Also, here is the Making Of video where they actually explain it in technical terms.‚  Something that I could never do.‚  They say technical stuff, I say it looks pretty.

House Of Cards


The Making of House Of Cards


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