Jim James, M. Ward, Conor Oberst to Release Album Together

by That Guy on August 25, 2008

Maybe I’m a little late to the party on this news, but I just heard about it tonight and it made my ears moist. As reported here and here, the three are currently recording an album together. Release date is unknown, but we’ll keep you posted.

While I’m not a huge Conor Oberst fan, I’m a big Jimmy James and M. Ward fan and can’t think of two guys I’d rather see put something out together (unfortunately I missed their “Monsters of Folk” tour of 2004, but here’s a full set from our friends at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. Does anyone think these three read my post about fantasy supergroup, The Cockslingers, and decided to strike while the iron is hot?

Also worth noting, Jim James is going to be releasing a solo album as an Asian Country Star alter-ego named Sec Walkin. Sounds incredible. Also of note, I was in a band in high school called The Chinese Cowboys. I was ahead of my time.

Here’s a live version of Wonderful (The Way I Feel) rumored to be on the new James/Ward/Oberst album (Oz posted this song from Aquarium Drunkard a little a week or two ago, but it’s worth hearing again).

Jim James and M. Ward – Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

And here are some pretty cool videos:

Jim James & M. Ward – Rollercoaster & Chinese Translation (SXSW 2008)


M. Ward & Conor Oberst – O’Brien’s Nocturne


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