Noah and The Whale – Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down

by oz on August 14, 2008

Noah and The Whale

Get ready to have some fun. London’s Noah and The Whale have just released an album with a cornucopia of instrumentation and sound. Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down starts with finger-picked guitar accented by finger-snaps on “2 Atoms and a Molecule.” It’s a song about navigating life’s maze in search of love and companionship.

If love is just a game, then how come it’s no fun? If love is just a game, how come I’ve never won?‚  I guess maybe it’s possible I might be playing it wrong and that’s why every time I roll the dice I always come undone.”

From there, Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down continues with “Jocasta” featuring violin, verbose lyrics and quirky vocals. On other songs you’ll hear xylophone and other random sound making devices that keep you on your toes as a listener.

Noah and The Whale will appeal to fans of Okkervil River and Belle and Sebastian. The songwriting is clever, the band isn’t afraid to take chances, and they never take themselves too seriously.‚  That’s most evident after “Give a Little Love” and “Second Lover,” both with serious tones of loneliness, heartbreak, and the constant challenge to live with passion in a fleeting life. But then “5 Years Time” kicks in, the feel good song of the summer. Lead singer, Charlie Fink, sings about going to the zoo, getting pissed drunk on wine, and celebrating the discovery of what he thinks might be true love.‚  Hand claps, whistling, cowbells, a kazoo¦that’s a recipe for success every time. It’s a song that should be on the soundtrack for a romantic comedy starring Owen Wilson.

I know very little about the UK band, but judging from this album, they might be perfectionists. The instrumentation is varied and carefully plotted on every song.‚  I imagine them debating when to introduce the ukulele or how many hand claps are too many (it’s a trick question – you can’t have too many hand claps).‚  The end result is a fun pop album about the quest for love and acceptance. Noah and The Whale recognize all the bumps, bruises, dead ends, and pitfalls along the way, but they don’t dwell on them. Instead they celebrate those moments of sheer exhilaration that keep us inspired to carry on.

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Noah and The Whale – 5 Years Time (courtesy of I Guess I’m Floating)

Noah and The Whale – “5 Years Time” Video

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