Leatherbag, Live Session #26

by oz on August 14, 2008

I’ve been exchanging emails with Randy Reynolds, aka Leatherbag, ever since our trip to South By Southwest. I didn’t expect to see too many surprises this year at the Austin festival, but Leatherbag walked into the Scoot Inn with an unassuming grace and put on an absolutely great set of folk-rock and roll. After making the long trip back to Northern California, I started spinning his latest album, Love and Harm, and continued my love for the music.

He plays American music. It’s rootsy. It has soul. It makes me want to wrap a fifth of bourbon and a change of clothes in a big piece of cloth and tie it to a stick. I’d throw it over my shoulder and hitchhike across the country. Maybe hop on a freight train and survive on cobs from the cornfields and blackberries from the patches I’d find along my trek across the heartland. I would do those things if I wasn’t busy building a time machine to go back in time and set up a video camera to capture all the past live sessions we’ve done. Hopefully you all enjoy the video for the sessions as much as I am.

Leatherbag has a lot of Dylan in his voice and I was expecting to hear an acoustic set, similar to our session with Joe Pug. Much to my surprise, he showed up with nothing but an electric guitar and played two songs solo and then his friend and fellow Austinite, Danny Malone, joined him with an acoustic guitar and backing vocals on “White Doves.” Enjoy your Friday with these easy going tunes and stay tuned for more sessions with video in the near future.

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Exclusive: Leatherbag – Here Comes Change (previously unreleased)

Exclusive: Leatherbag – It’s Over

Exclusive: Leatherbag – White Doves (featuring Danny Malone)

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