Pitchfork Festival – Saturday Recap

by Woody on August 1, 2008


I got myself a hall pass to catch the Saturday’s day proceedings at Pitchfork Festival. As the day started, I was a little worried that I might need an ark to get me downtown. Finally the rain stopped and, while not sunny, it was good enough to watch music and drink some cool ones.

First up, The Fleet Foxes. I had seen them in a small club in Austin with about 20 people. They played for 30 minutes and I was blown away. I didn’t know how the four-piece harmonies would come across at a Festival setting, but the boys from Washington were in fine form.‚ They didn’t miss a beat while mixing songs from their debut and the Sun Giant EP.

The sound system was fantastic and the crowd was in top form. The people in attendance were proper music fans. Nobody was just there to pound beer and gossip about who they were mashing with the night before. When Robin Pecknold sang “Oliver James” solo, nobody was talking. It was captivating and unlike anything that I had seen in a festival setting before.

This was one fantastic 60 minute set of music and one that the people in attendance will be talking about for some time. Fleet Foxes have a phenomenal stage presence and they are one of the best acts in music today.

Fleet Foxes – Live at Pitchfork 2008 Music Festival

After the Fleet Foxes we made a beer run and got back in time for Vampire Weekend. The Ivy Leaguers have been so over-hyped that they only way for them to live up to it would be if I were getting a handie while they played. Needless to say, that didn’t occur but they did put forth a solid and enjoyable set but stuck between The Fleet Foxes and The Hold Steady – an unenviable position. They just lacked those jaw-dropping moments that take a set from good to fantastic.

Vampire Weekend – Live at Pitchfork 2008 Music Festival

Next up on my docket was The Hold Steady and I was determined to have a hefty buzz going by the time Craig Finn and crew hit the stage. After knocking down a few more cold ones, I was in prime condition and position as the sun finally shined and they tore into “Constructive Summer.” This was about the 5th or 6th time Ive seen them and they are one of rock’s finest performing acts. Splitting the hour set between new songs off the fantastic Stay Positive (“Sequestered In Memphis,” “Navy Sheets” and “Lord, I’m Discouraged”) and old favorites like “Chips Ahoy!,” “Massive Nights” and “The Swish” left the crowd wanting more after they closed with “Killer Parties.”

The Hold Steady – Live at Pitchfork 2008 Music Festival

Overall a great day of music and well worth the time. While we might not have the exact same taste in music as Pitchfork, they do put on a great fest.

Here’s a festival playlist:

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Reed August 1, 2008 at 9:50 pm

That’s cool that you guys got a pass and made the trip, but it doesn’t seem like you made the most of it, although you did catch two of the three best sets on the day. The other was Caribou who were simply brilliant. For what it’s worth, my review of Saturday is here:

Oh, and did you try the Sparks? Definitely a new favorite…

Woody August 4, 2008 at 8:55 am

I actually did get there in time to catch Caribou. I didn’t really like his last album but I agree that his set was pretty cool. Still don’t like his recorded stuff but it was a good time.

As for the Sparks, I think I am too old for them. They asked for my ID when I tried to buy them and they said that anyone over 30 couldn’t handle them so I wallowed in Goose Island all day.

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