The Builders and The Butchers – Self Titled

by Woody on July 18, 2008

The Builders and the Butchers

As Drinking Buddy mentioned during his review of Langhorne Slim’s show at Schubas, the Portland outfit The Builders and The Butchers opened up the night. And as DB surmised, this is a band that is right in my wheelhouse. Unfortunately for me, I was watching the Cubs come back against the Dodgers and, while the Cubs won, I missed out on seeing an excellent band.

My immediate reaction when listening to the album is that The Builders and The Butchers are an easier-going version of O’Death. The songs are a little dark and they have that deep woods “moonshine” sound. The Builders and The Butchers’ vocals are a little more accessible than O’Death’s Greg Jamie and the jams are a little less intense.

With titles like “Red Hands,” “Black Dresses,” “The Gallows” and “Bottom Of The Lake,” its easy to see a pattern here. “Bottom Of The Lake” is told from the perspective of a man at, you guessed it, the bottom of the lake. The lyrics are chilling.

The album has a steady tension to it. There are certain discs to listen to on‚ lazy Sundays with the family, like Blind Pilot. Head Home from O’Death isn’t one and neither is The Builders and The Butchers’ fine effort. I found myself on edge listening to most of the songs.

Well, I guess its another lesson learned. There are 162 Cubs games in a year. No need to pass up quality acts unless its September.

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The Builders and The Butchers – Bottom of the Lake

From their previous album Split 12″:

The Builders and The Butchers – When It Rains

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oz July 18, 2008 at 9:18 am

I feel like this is a genre now. O’Death, Builders and Butchers, The Pine Box boys and Slim Cesnna’s Auto club all have a brand of hillbilly horror.

oddbodkins July 18, 2008 at 10:12 am

Whatever you call it, these are some damn fine tunes.

Hilbilily horror, though. i really like that one. i think i’m going to start using it myself.

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