Yahoo! steals content from HearYa and has not apologized. I’m waiting Yahoo!

by oz on July 11, 2008


Yesterday I was searching the world wide web for our post on the top mustaches in rock history in preparation for another spectacular list we’re about to unveil.‚  What I found was shocking. It seems that some assclown named Robert the Radish at Yahoo! wrote “his own” top 10 list and stole a big portion (including some pictures) from us. Take a look. Strangely similar, don’t you think? The timestamps will prove that ours was posted long before Yahoo’s.‚  I’m currently waiting for the Radish to feel guilty enough to contact me with a formal apology.

While my team of attorneys at HearYa World Headquarters has advised me to take legal action, I’ve resisted and decided to fight back in the following ways:

First, I vow to keep on using Google for all of my search needs and will tell all of my friends about it. “Have you heard of Google?” I’ll say. When they reply with “Why no I haven’t,” I’ll then tell them to search for things on it. At Google dot com.

Next, I will be adding an exclamation point to our blog name. From now on, please refer to us as HearYa! when talking about us at parties and family reunions. I know this will require that you raise your voice more than usual when describing how sweet our blog is to friends, family and any strangers willing to listen, but it’s time that we stand up to these big Silicon Valley corporations and do what’s right.

Thirdly, I’m also boycotting the Tesla Roadster just for good measure. Now look at what you’ve done, Yahoo! One bad apple in the Silicon Valley can indeed ruin the whole bunch. Tesla will NOT be getting my $120,000. That wad of cash under my bed is now earmarked for 184 shares in Google stock. I know I can spend the exact same amount and get 4,347 of your shares, which must be a way better deal, but I’m trying to prove a point.

Fourthly, Mr. Radish, I’m telling Jerry Yang on you.

Finally, I will be on the lookout for this Robert the Radish character when I’m out and about in Mountain View, California. He shouldn’t be hard to find since he looks like Craig Finn and wears a scarf and knit hat in a town that’s about 100 degrees right now and never gets below 50.

radish craig finn

Warning, Radish: I am very good at Where’s Waldo. Just because your scarf and hat are not the white and red stripes that my eyes have been acutely trained to spot in a crowd, don’t think you are safe. And ignore my Goldendoodle’s seemingly friendly disposition when you see us walking toward you. I’m starving her and feeding her only scarves for dinner.

No one wants to die by Goldendoodle mauling, so the Radish, I expect an apology. You have until high noon on Monday. I will forgive you only if you tell me you were hungover and had a deadline to meet. God knows we’ve all been there.

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Ryno July 11, 2008 at 11:11 am

Hi-larious post. This Radish guy better beware. Plagiarism could cost him his job in addition to that red scarf.

Renee July 11, 2008 at 1:45 pm

Go after this Radish! What kind of name is that anyway. The midwest will be on the lookout for him in case he decides he must leave the valley. Let’s get back to what has always been right, peace, love, & music! We CAN bring down the establishment, this guy can’t hide behind Yahoo! : )

Spencer July 12, 2008 at 9:04 pm

I work literally across the street from the Yahoo building, I’ll go and kick his ass for you.

oz July 13, 2008 at 1:16 pm

Can you hold him down while I draw an imperial moustache on him?

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