Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer, and a slew of MP3s

by oz on June 27, 2008

Wolf Parade

After releasing their stellar debut, Apologies To The Queen Mary in 2005, Wolf Parade’s front men Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner took some time to pursue a few side projects. Krug was the force behind Sunset Rubdown, Frog Eyes and Swan Lake and Boeckner started Handsome Furs which he describes as “basically Wolf Parade without the guy that everybody likes and no real instruments.” I may be in the minority, but I’ll take Handsome Furs’ Plague Park over Krug’s side projects any day.

Their return to Wolf Parade does not disappoint. While Krug is no slouch, Dan Boeckner shines on “Soldier’s Grin” and “Language City.” My only complaint is that the listening experience is brief. While Drive-By Truckers put out an album that included nineteen tracks earlier this year, At Mount Zoomer clocks in with nine.

I was a little apprehensive about listening to At Mount Zoomer because I was such a big fan of Apologies to the Queen Mary and didn’t want to be let down. I’ve listened to the album over ten times and its getting better and better…and it may just eclipse their debut.

Enjoy all the tracks below.

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Wolf Parade – Call It a Ritual

Wolf Parade – Language City

From Apologies To The Queen Mary:

Wolf Parade – My Father’s Son

Wolf Parade – Shine a Light

Here are some MP3’s from the side projects:

Handsome Furs – What We Had

Handsome Furs – Cannot Get, Started

Sunset Rubdown – Stadiums and Shrines II

Sunset Rubdown – Winged, Wicked Things

Sunset Rubdown – Up On Your Leopard, Upon the End of Your Feral Days

Swan Lake – All Fires

Swan Lake – The Freedom

Frog Eyes – Bushels

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