War On Drugs – Wagonwheel Blues, plus free EP download

by Woody on June 24, 2008

War on Drugs

I picked up War On Drugs’ debut release Wagonwheel Blues last week and wound up spinning it on my way down to our session with The Explorers Club. I texted Oz with two descriptions. 1) Sounds like Dylan fronting a shoegaze band 2) Sounds like VietNam and Dirty On Purpose got together for a jam session. Oz said both descriptions were excellent, but then again, he still owes me approximately $100K in back wages so maybe he was just being nice to me.

I don’t want to give the impression that the Philly four-piece is just regurgitating Dylan over a more modern sound. They have done a brilliant job of creating a unique sound that shows off their influences, but better yet, they’ve made a complete album that can be enjoyed in its entirety.

I’m really interested to see these guys live; to see how these tunes translate into the live setting. As I mentioned above this is best enjoyed as an album, not by listening to a tune here or there. You won’t get the full picture. It reminds me of Armchair Apocrypha from Andrew Bird. The one tune that grabs me on every listen is “A Needle In Your Eye #16.” It sounds like a great Springsteen tune with Thurston Moore playing guitar.

Their previous EP is available on the Secretly Canadian site, so check that out and if you dig it, I suggest working Wagonwheel Blues into your collection.

Website | MySpace | Secretly Canadian

War On Drugs – Taking the Farm

Download the Barrel of Batteries EP here.

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