Scotland Barr and The Slow Drags – All The Great Aviators Agree

by Woody on June 23, 2008

Scotland Barr

You ever stumble into a bar, find some random band playing and everybody in there seems to know all the words except for you? The crowd of friends hugging, clinking their beer bottles and dancing around without a care in the world. Within 5 minutes, you’re knocking down shots and pretending to sing along? Well that band is Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags and this is their album All the Great Aviators Agree.

The music is very accessible and full of some your favorite influences. It’ll feel like you’ve heard it before but hard put your finger on on when or where. These guys remind me of Marah, not so much in their sound, but more in the way it makes me feel – Like getting a little drunk in a bar and shaking it down.

This is Americana chock full of harmonies and melody that make you desperate to see them in their hometown of Portland, Oregon. Barr delivers his tunes with a touch of scruff in his voice and he’s backed up by a band as tight as the top of a pickle jar. While Scotland’s vocals and lyrics are great, without the support of The Slow Drags, I don’t think he would stand out from the crowd.

The brilliant three song stretch of “Juanita,” “Dirty Old Waltz” and “Mexican Blanket” are worth the $10 alone. If you read this and happen to be a Portland resident, shoot us a comment on how they are live. I am dying to know.

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Scotland Barr and The Slow Drags – Mexican Blanket

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oz June 23, 2008 at 12:01 pm

So you’re a drunk. Got it. There goes that father of the year award.

Nice tune.

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