Sam Champion – Heavenly Bender

by Woody on June 13, 2008

Sam Champion

The Brooklyn foursome, Sam Champion, is getting ready to release their follow up to 2005’s excellent Slow Rewind. Sam Champion has been getting tons of buzz around the NYC area for quite some time, but are just now starting to pick up some national acclaim. Heavenly Bender is going to do nothing to stop the hype machine from picking up steam. They’ve even recieved some love from Rolling Stone (good to see they had time after their exhausting coverage of The Hills). They described Sam Champion’s sound as Ryan Adams covering Pavement’s Wowee Zowee. That’s a pretty damn good description.

When I picked up Slow Rewind back in the day, I was immediately hooked from the first tune and they sealed the deal with the closer, “Too Broke.” I found that album had similarities to the Silver Jews’ lo-fi sound. Much like the aforementioned Wowee Zowee, Heavenly Bender required some work and attention before I truly started to enjoy it. The band challenged itself more this time around, but Noah Chernin’s vocals remain the same. He has fits of excitement interspersed with an easy-going delivery that was also so prevalent on Slow Rewind.

Heavenly Bender is full of catchy guitar hooks and the lick from the rollicking “Be Mine Everyone” leads the way. “Dead Moon” is the runner up. But as much as I dig the upbeat tunes, its the slower tracks that really stand out on both of their albums. On Slow Rewind, it was “Texas Song” and “You Can’t See The Stars in This Town.” Heavenly Bender gives us “Lorraine” and “We Will Awaken.”

This is one of ’08’s finest releases to date, although it won’t be released until September 2nd. Everything I’ve read says that Sam Champion are phenomenal in concert. I can’t wait for their run through Chicago – They are tentatively booked for a HearYa Live Session.

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Sam Champion – Be Mine Everyone

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oz June 13, 2008 at 7:46 am

That track is incredible. I love the bluesy riff.

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