Langhorne Slim & The War Eagles – Live at Schubas

by That Guy on June 4, 2008

Langhorne Slim

Last Wednesday night, I moseyed on up to Schubas to catch Langhorne Slim & The War Eagles. After listening to his most recent, self-titled album, I was really looking forward to seeing him live. See Oz’s recent review here. I showed up just in time to catch the end of the opening act, The Builders & The Butchers. They were more Woody’s taste than mine, but they were a lively bunch with a lot of strange instruments I couldn’t name.

Langhorne Slim & The War Eagles took the stage a little after 10:15, and came out firing. Langhorne had about as much stage presence as anyone I’ve seen. I told my girlfriend/former HearYa photographer after the show that he reminded me of a white version of the Artist Formerly Known As Prince. She corrected me, “a whiter version of Prince.” That joke almost made up for her bringing a camera with dead batteries to the show, but not quite (hence the grainy cell phone picture above). I would have fired her if it weren’t for Oz setting the bar so low with his Ryan Adams pictures.

Langhorne Slim

Anyway, back to the stage presence¦Langhorne had the perfect combination of humor, audience chatter, musicianship, and just plain cool. He cracked a few jokes, but wasn’t like John Mayer trying too hard to be clever. He talked to the audience, but not in an Eddie Vedder giving a 5-minute dissertation on foreign policy way. And he showed off his musical chops and Martin Sexton-like vocal prowess without pulling a goddang American Idol up there. His voice really is outstanding. And the cool quotient was high.

Not only was he rocking a fedora and 3-piece suit, but he rocked himself right out of that hat about 5 minutes into the show by pulling a Marty McFly and playing his guitar from his knees and back. His bandmates were nothing to scoff at either – Malachi DeLorenzo played some thunderous drums for an acoustic set and Paul Defiglia complemented Langhorne’s playing style perfectly on the upright bass.

By the time Langhorne and the boys got to their last three songs, the place was absolutely rocking. He hit “Rebel Side of Heaven” with authority – the crowd of indie hipsters were jumping around like a House of Pain video. A solo, seated version of “Colette” was 2nd to last, but the place was so alive that about 10 seconds into the song Langhorne quipped, “I wish I was standing for this song” and proceeded to stand and lean down into the mic for the remainder. The full band ended with crowd-favorite “I Love to Dance”. To say it was good would be an understatement. I saw like 6 indie hipsters cream their skinny jeans.

All in all, a great night. Woody was lucky enough to attend the HearYa live session with Langhorne the following day, which I’m told was excellent. Look for it posted in the coming days. Until then, enjoy these tracks.

Langhorne Slim – Rebel Side of Heaven

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Woody June 5, 2008 at 10:30 am

They weren’t skinny jeans. I just had a big dinner. But yes, you are right the boys killed it that night. And the next day was fantastic. The session was 6 tunes and they nailed it.

Steve Shirk June 9, 2008 at 6:19 am

They played a solid show to a packed house at the Hideout the following evening. I hung out with Malachi for a little bit prior to the show, he’s a cool guy. Turns out he’s into studio production and engineering as well. He recorded the latest Langhorne Slim release on his PT’s rig. I guess Sean has a friend that has an isolated place up in Maine. So they lugged their gear up there and cut a record. Nice work, fellas. Sounds great.

They guys took the stage and just blistered it. After having them in the studio that day, it was really great to see them tear it up on stage. Tons of energy and a fantastic show. The crowd was way into it.

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