Hearya Live Session 19 – The Acorn

by Woody on June 3, 2008

The Acorn in Session
I didn’t know what to make of The Acorn as they made their way into the studio. Their subject matter is intense and the pic used in our review of Glory Hope Mountain shows their relatively serious side. Five minutes after meeting them, any preconceptions I may have had vanished away.

They were just about the most easy-going band we’ve had in the studio. Their laid-back nature was soon hammered home after we asked if they wanted to do a quick run-through before recording. Lead singer Rolf Klausener responded, “We’re kinda tight for time. We’ll just do it real good.” They proceeded to blazed through an amazing version of “Crooked Legs” that left Shirk and I speechless.

The Acorn 2

During the third and fourth tunes, I left the control room and went into the studio to snap some pics and, at that point, became truly overwhelmed by The Acorn. The genius of their music is that no one overpowers another. Each band member gives the other plenty of room. And without the proper balance and respect for the others’ abilities, the music could get murky with a six-piece band.

For me, it’s this delicate balance that allows the brilliant songwriting and wonderful playing to shine through. I hope you enjoy these five tunes as much I as did, but please make every effort to see them live. Its truly a joyous experience.

The Acorn – Crooked Legs

The Acorn – Antenna

The Acorn – Flood Pt. II

The Acorn – Low Gravity

The Acorn – Flood Pt. I

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Shirk June 3, 2008 at 10:58 am

This was a really fantastic session. The Flood Pt.II was my favorite….it takes me to the same place as some of the tunes from “Reckoning” (a sweet Grateful Dead live acoustic album – IMO) I think all the songs have legs though. I love the way that “Crooked Legs” and “Flood Pt.I” have this swelling dynamic toward the end. The band has a really great sense of dynamic control…never giving it all away until the right moment.

I really dig their musical style, their songs and their attitude. They rolled in, we setup quickly (6 musicians) and an hour later we had 5 songs in the bag. Very positive, very pro. I just regret not being able to make their show at the Empty Bottle later that night….would have been fun to see a full set and enjoy a few beers together. Next time!

Big thumbs up and thank you to The Acorn!

oz June 3, 2008 at 2:30 pm

These guys are brilliant. They have an organic Talking Heads sound and the album continues to grow on me – I love the sentiment behind their album Glory Hope Mountain also, written to tell the story of Rolf’s mother who was abused as a child and fled a turbulent Honduras.

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