The Morning Benders – Talking Through Tin Cans

by Woody on June 2, 2008

Morning Benders

Wearing an affinity for 60s inspired rock and roll on their sleeve, The Morning Benders deliver the goods on their debut LP Talking Through Tin Cans. The Bay Area quartet have hints of The Beatles, a dash of the Pet Sounds sound, and a little Zombies tossed in for good measure. Thankfully they don’t come off as cheap imitators and instead, lead singer Chris Chu and the rest of his Bay area crew put forth an excellent effort.

As if to curry favor with me, The Morning Benders open Talking Through Tin Cans with “Damnit Anna” which was also on their ’06 EP, introduced by Oz just over a year ago. I fell in love with that tune then and nothing has changed since. The first new song to really grab my attention was “Patient Patient” in which Chu pleads with the Doctor Doctor to cure him of his ailment – falling in love.

“Waiting For A War” is another excellent track, perfect for any entry-level worker in the “real world” that knows there life isn’t turning out the way they’d hoped. Chu sings, “I’m getting tired of living like I’m dying while the world is moving on,” and it leaves me wondering if pursuing his lifelong dream of being in a pop band was his escape from the doldrums of employment in a Dwight Schrute-ish office atmosphere.

If you’re itching for a good shot of melodic California pop, then The Morning Benders are your boys. Talking Through Tin Cans is one of the most infectious and accessible albums that you’ll find these days. They’ll be at The Vic opening up for The Kooks tonight.

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The Morning Benders – Crosseyed

The Morning Benders – Damnit Anna

Other tracks not included on the album:

The Morning Benders – Grain of Salt

The Morning Benders – Heavy Hearts

The Morning Benders – Waiting For a War


The Morning Benders – Crosseyed (Live and Acoustic in the hills of their native Berkeley)


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