Octoberman – Run From Safety [Canadians Rule]

by oz on April 18, 2008


I listen to XM Radio in my car on a daily basis and they seem to have a huge crush on Octoberman. I heard “Run from Safety” and “Chasing Ambulances” on several occasions before finally picking up the entire album on eMusic (Take note of the buying behavior music marketers).

Octoberman is yet another great band/singer-songwriter from Canada that we’ve featured recently. I love that Octoberman posted this picture along with the professional press photos. Those crazy Canadians! They look like us, they talk like us (almost), and their music is…better than ours? Could it be? Between the music, beer, socialized medicine, Strange Brew, and Pamela Anderson, that place is basically utopia.

Run From Safety‘s title track is the best on the album, so it’s no wonder XM was showing it some love, but Octoberman manages to put together a complete electric-folk package. Marc Morrissette’s voice is sometimes brash and confident and other times frail and vulnerable. He travels the world for inspiration, answers, and a search for songs.

Octoberman | White Whale Records

Here are some tracks he posted on MySpace, including an XM Live Session:

Octoberman – Run From Safety

Octoberman – Once in a Blue

Octoberman – Temptation Is a Bloody Mess

Octoberman – Run From Safety (Live)

Octoberman – Elbow Room (Live)

Other Canadians we’ve discussed: Plants and Animals, Cuff the Duke, Elliott Brood, and Deep Dark Woods.

Yesterday I found myself listening to The Acorn and NQ Arbuckle – also from Canada. It’s blowing my mind.

This video celebrates Canadians everywhere.


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