I am a Golden God! The SXSW 2008 Dumbass Award

by That Guy on March 28, 2008

Golden God

Remember the movie Almost Famous when Billy Crudup’s character dropped acid at a high school party and ended up on the roof shouting “I am a Golden God” before jumping into the pool? Well at SXSW 2008, we witnessed the same scene only it was on top of the Flamingo Cantina during a Dr. Dog performance. And instead of Billy Crudup, it was some guy in bright red pants.

It was a sunny afternoon and I was sipping my ice cold beer. I soon became fearful that something might be amiss when I saw this shirtless gentleman performing a 4 or 5-step handshake that ended in a shaky spin with a guy wearing a Texas Longhorn’s baseball hat. Shortly thereafter, red-pants scampered up on the roof of Flamingo Cantina and the drugs told him to begin running toward 6th street.

The image above captures his reaction once his manager realized he was walking on flimsy sheet metal over a full crowd in the venue. “Get the hell back down here!” his manager exclaimed. The Golden God responded by staring blankly in his direction before giving him a friendly, come-hither wave as if to say “My bad! I should have invited you also. Where are my manners? Come on up, the water’s warm.”

Finally, the Golden God realized he might be in trouble and began sprinting – I mean SPRINTING like Tom Cruise – back toward the crowd just 10 feet below the tin roof. I screamed, “He’s coming in hot!” to warn bystanders, but it was too late. The Golden God tumbled off the roof, drilling some poor woman in the shoulder with his elbow and cutting his back on the side of the roof. I giggled. Here’s the picture just before his dismount…

Golden God 2

Oz captured the moment beautifully on his camera. For any aspiring bands out there, I think these pictures are awesome and would make a great album cover someday.

The Antlers – On the Roof

Glossary – Shout It From the Rooftops

The Gourds – Ceilings Leaking

Eddie Vedder – No Ceiling (Demo)


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Angus McWongski February 7, 2009 at 5:12 pm

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant actually shouted, “I am a golden god!” from a hotel balcony on Sunset Boulevard hotel balcony during Zeppelin’s 1975 tour. So the reference to Russell Hammond’s (Billy Crudup) pool-side shenanigans in the movie Almost Famous originated from a real life tale or a rock star of his rocker.

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