The Whipsaws – 60 Watt Ave, SXSW 2008

by Woody on March 6, 2008


I was introduced to The Whipsaws by one of my favorite blogs, Nine Bullets. Normally I would leave well enough alone, as Nine Bullets does a great job, but I feel it’s my duty to spread the word about the Anchorage four-piece. They’ll be bouncing around at SXSW 2008 in March and deserve to be heard by as many ears as possible.

The band calls their blend of rootsy Americana “Alaskan Rock N Roll.” That’s a fair description and easy enough to wrap your head around. I can make it simpler. Do you like Lucero? Drive-By Truckers? Wrinkle Neck Mules? Yes, yes yes? Good, me too. Okay, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s welcome one of Alaska’s most popular bands as they hit the lower 48 on an extended tour.

“The War,” looks at our current struggle in Iraq from a very personal point of view. Look, I am not the biggest fan of the war over there, but I don’t like someone else’s view shoved down my throat. Much like Jason Isbell’s Dress Blues, the subtle personal approach packs much more of a punch.

Other standouts are the twangy “Coming Home,” “Lonesome Joe,” and “Sinferno” which packs the multi-guitar wallop of Drive-By Truckers. Just when you think the disc can’t have anything else to offer you, they fire up a rocking version of Buffalo Springfield’s “Mr. Soul.”

There’s a good amount of buzz about these guys. After an extensive tour and a massive introduction to rest of America, there’s no reason The Whipsaws won’t be on everybody’s end of the year lists.

Website | MySpace | Shut Eye Records

The Whipsaws – 60 Watt

The Whipsaws – “Bar Scar” Live Video


The Whipsaws’ SXSW 2008 Schedule:

Mar 14 2008 1:00P
SXSW – MARIA’S TACO XPRESS (Sin City Party) w/Tim Easton

Mar 15 2008 12:00P
SXSW – JOVITA’S w/Tim Easton (Twangfest & KDHX-FM Party))

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Hot Lips March 6, 2008 at 4:03 pm

I really like this band. If you live in LA and are a budding musician, you should check out the ASCAP expo on April 10-12. All of the music industry will be there and it’ll be an awesome place to network. If you’re interested go here:

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