The Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead

by That Guy on February 21, 2008

Helio Sequence

You’ve got to admit it, HearYa has been bringing it lately. Ever since the Amy Winehouse post that prompted an outcry from a vocal portion of the HearYa nation, there have been some really good posts. Top-notch free tracks and posts about bands like Glossary, Ben Sollee, Delta Spirit, Felice Brothers, and Princeton have capped off what I think is one of the best weeks I’ve seen and heard on the site. This week should be no different, starting off with Elliot BROOD, The Big Sleep, AA Bondy, and I might have the icing on the cake (or “the crown on Amy Winehouse’s molar“) with The Helio Sequence’s new album, Keep Your Eyes Ahead.

The Helio Sequence may not win an Album of the Year Grammy such as past winners The Dixie Chicks, Celine Dion, Rob Thomas, or Amy Winehouse, but I can tell you one thing – You won’t be ashamed to say you bought the album 5 or 10 years from now. Heck, it’s been a whopping 4 years since their last album, Love and Distance, but even that record still holds up better than the scaffolding that holds up Aretha Franklin’s breasts.

Apparently the 4-year layoff was due to lead vocalist/guitarist Brandon Summers’ vocal problems. He was hitting the whiskey a little too hard while on tour back in 2004, and had to be relegated to complete silence during the day in order to save his voice for live shows at night. He would have been verrrry tough to beat at “the quiet game.”

But Summers’ and bandmate Benjamin Weikel are back and better than ever. In their latest effort, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, The Helio Sequence takes you on a meandering daydream of folk-inspired pop tunes. From the quiet finger-picking on “Broken Afternoon,” to the more jubilant, foot-tapping “Hallelujah,” The Helio Sequence confidently shows off their range here. It’s the perfect background music for a quiet Saturday morning, or a windows-down drive through the city on a sunny day.

My favorite tracks would have to be the head-nodding “Can’t Say No,” the dreamy “Lately,” and my favorite of all, “Hallelujah”. I’ve also included a great track off their previous album, “Everyone Knows Everyone.” Enjoy!


The Helio Sequence – Hallelujah

The Helio Sequence – Everyone Knows Everyone

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