Dead Confederate, Self-Titled EP, SXSW 2008

by Woody on February 4, 2008

Dead Confederate

I downloaded Dead Confederate’s EP a couple of months ago, listened to it once and promptly forgot about it. That is an occupational hazard with the amount of new music I am listening to lately. Fast forward a couple months and they were on someone’s “Bands to Watch in ’08” list at which point I gave it another spin and fell in love. Their tunes envelope a room with such a sonic force that they might just swallow you up.

The five-piece out of Georgia bring forth a great sound that combines some elements of The Black Angels, Nirvana and a bit of that “southern thang.” While I really dig the EP, I have the feeling that, much like The Black Angels, it’s the live show that is really going to be their calling card.

My favorite tune is “Tortured-Artist Saint.” It is a forceful tune that has that retro, stoner-rock feel to it. It starts slow and heavy, taking its time to build its way up to the finish. The song comes full-tilt with about two and a half minutes left, but just as you start nodding your head Beavis and Butt-Head style, they bring it back down again with some nice noodling before firing it up one more time.

If that tune doesn’t kick-ass in concert, then much like 50 Cent, I will retire. Their full debut is scheduled to be released this year on Razor and Tie and count me amongst the many that are anxiously awaiting its arrival. I’ll also track them down at SXSW 2008.

Dead Confederate on MySpace

Dead Confederate – The Rat (Courtesy of EarFarm)

Dead Confederate – Get Out (Courtesy of The TripWire)

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oz February 4, 2008 at 7:19 pm

The Rat is getting lots of airplay on XM radio right now also. Great track.

feef February 5, 2008 at 1:33 am

great post, i’m really enjoying ‘the rat’ a lot, made my day. ty

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